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Daniel is the founder of the Coffeeprint4Change.

He wants to create a more sustainable coffee business, which imports coffee directly from the farmers and increase the farmers income while providing a quality coffee to the consumers.

He has a BA in Accounting from Jimma University and has Masters in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Daniel has worked with various NGOs in Ethiopia before coming to Denmark. He is married and has two kids. He lives with his family in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Nidzara is a board member of Glonal Goals Coffee. She joined Coffeeprint4Change because of her passion for coffee and impacts that coffee can create in both ends.

Her educational background is masters in Structural Engineering . While she was in Ethiopia, she fell in love wit the country and its culture.



Teshale is the Coffeeprint4Change's project coordinator in Ethiopia. He is the man that gets things done in projects. He is a young passionate worker who wants to see local youth empowerment and plays a great tole by contributing his time and energy for the C4C's projects in Ethiopia.

Apart from coordinating the projects, he is an instructor in Arba Minch Health College. He teaches in Public health where he also uses his knowledge in educating locals on health related issues.



Afework is the GGC's project coordinator in Melo, a popular coffee producing area.  

He is responsible for all the projects in the area. He is a hard-working young man who knows what is needed in the area and what the youth can achieve there.  

His education background is vocational training and now trains the youth at the same time.





Ludovic has more than 15 years experience managing large-scale projects. He has served as a consultant to local governments and private clients on change management, strategic initiative implementation & monitoring, capacity building and sourcing & facilities among other initiatives. Ludovic spent one and a half years in Addis Abeba where he fell in love with the people and their culture. Ludovic is driven by progressive values and motivated by a deep sense of responsibility to improve the lives of others. He offers his services as a pro bono consultant to non-profits. “ I am extremely proud to be a Board member and honored to represent Coffeeprint4Change in the USA. I am committed to assisting  C4C to achieve meaningful and measurable results.”



Keno supports C4C through his involvement in the strategic planning process and the outreach to potential partners and supporters. He is further responsible for the management of the C4C's online presence.

He has a B.Sc. in International Business and Politics and is passionate about international development and topics regarding the combat of global inequalities.



I am a Process Facilitator – I give support in navigating the intangible aspects that enable us to reach targets and grow.

I combine training in Process Consulting, Coaching, and Public Management, with a 13+ year career in organizational development, to create needs tailored solutions. On day-to-day basis, I work with:

My involvement in C4C is a case of passion for sustainable development through supporting a worthy cause. C4C is a cool and real human empowerment idea, both the taste of coffee and the business behind it. Please, like us, follow us and support us. We will make a history together.