Coffeeprint4change has built the Training Center for Sewing Machine & Handcraft in Jano Mile, South Ethiopia.


Traning center


Finish plastering


04 Training team



Higher grounds

Ethiopia is the second most populous in Africa with 95 million people and very young population with a lot of potential.

As the part of Ethiopia’s ambitious five-year Growth and Transformation Plan the Ethiopian government is encouraging young people to start small businesses in order to reduce the rate of youth unemployment, officially estimated at more than 50%.

COFFEEPRINT4CHANGE is now taking active part in this Growth Plan and will help young people gain skills, organize themselves and help them on the way become entrepreneurs. This project will directly contribute young entrepreneurs is the coffeeprint4change training center


Starting from foundations - to the roof

The training center has been constructed in collaboration of skilled craftsmen and the local youth who will be attending the short term training courses on sewing machines and hand-craft work.

Coffeeprint4change has paid for all the materials used in the construction work and the salary for the builders while the rest of the work was done by volunteers.


Aiming for the sky

Now the training center is finished tables, chairs, sewing machines and other equipment need to be in place before the group of this group of young men and women start their training.

These guys have a strong desire and passion to change their lives and impact others in the community. After a couple of months, they will graduate and can start a new life as entrepreneurs opening their own business.