Sports activities promote skills in productive youth development, creating healthy mind and body. They are important in developing confidence for the youth and promoting healthy social relations and respect among the youth. 



Sports activities like football are very important for healthy growth and social life. In football clubs like this, the youth are given a chance to discuss their challenges both as youth and as responsible citizens. It is not just playing football that we do, but we engage them in timely topics as well as ways of tackling some of the problems.

Sports facilities in most of rural areas are very rare. It is very common to see the kids playing football in dirt roads and many of them lack the basic sports materials such as sports shoes, sports clothes, footballs, and playing fields. Coffeeprint4change works with the local communities to create access to the youth in sports.

The urgent and complex challenge of increasing youth employment cannot be solved without paying particular attention to inclusion of vulnerable youth, particularly young women in rural communities. There are a number of boys and girls who do not have opportunities to get a job and change themselves and contribute to their communities as a whole.

Investing in and increasing their potential to enter into decent work contributes to economic development and overall social stability. Without addressing the burning issue of youth employment, it is impossible to go forward in economic development in a country like Ethiopia, where a big portion of the population has young boys and girls who can transform their lives, communities and the country in general.