Education is an important ingredient for economic development. Without a proper education, there is no sustainable development.



School Uniforms


School Uniforms and materials

It might sometimes seem difficult for some people to understand when we talk about school uniforms and supplies. It was at the time when the new school uniform regulation was passed, I had to go Arba Minch High school which was two hours walk from my village. According to the new regulation at the time, we had to wear uniforms. I grew up with a lone mother. We were four in the family by the time. Our mother did not have enough to feed us let alone buying a school uniform and supplies. I told her I need a school uniform. She said she does not have money to buy. So, I had to drop out and go to Swala (250 km from my village) to my uncle. He said I had to work one year in his farms for my school materials. I worked one year without education just for school uniform and materials. Daniel Halalla

Chano Students' Uniforms

One of the projects Coffeeprint4change runs is on helping students with school uniforms and supplies. There are a number of boys and girls who lost their parents at young age in the school we are running our project. These boys and girls do not have enough finances to buy school uniforms and supplies. Coffeeprint4change has bought to these 20 students who could have missed their education because of this otherwise.