Goodbye Plastic, Yellow Jerry Cans!

Say hello to the new Water Tap Station!

Kids with jerry cans

02 Kids in action

Girls working copy

Digging the trench copy

Collecting stones from river bed  copy

Reloading the stones copy

05 Casting water tap station





School kids in Jano Mile, South Ethiopia, did not have direct access to clean, fresh water. They had to carry water with them to school from far away, which they were bringing in the yellow, plastic, jerry cans.

COFFEEPRINT4CHANGE changed all that by organizing and funding the constructing the tap water station.


How did we do it?

We are not big NGO with a lot of money just to send a check and To-Do-List, but we had better and more sustainable way of doing this project.

We have organized almost everybody in the village to be part of the project including the school children, teachers, parents and local authority to do the voluntary work and take ownership of the tap water station and be proud of it while we paid for materials and constructors.


Fresh water and strong spirit

The project has been such a great success, since everybody got involved and was happy to help. The most hard-working and proudest are the kids themselves, which through this project also learn the value of hard work and team spirit.

We are thanking everyone who purchased the coffee from COFFEEPRINT. You can polish you halo and be proud of being part of this good cause.

Thumps up for everybody!

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