Global Goals Coffee - GGC plans to rebuild the new Upper Elementary School seen below





The school is situated in a village called Chano Mile, which is 500 kilometres south from the Capital Addis Ababa and close to a big town called Arba Minch.

The school has currently 4 blocks of buildings made of mud and has 720 students. The school is Upper Elementary which is from grade 5 to 8.

The school does not have any facility and a couple of months ago, COFFEEPRINT4CHANGE has built water tap station which is at service now at the school.

The school is made of mud and the inside of the rooms is dirt-floor, which makes it unsuitable for learning purpose. The windows are very small and hence they do not provide enough natural light. The school does not have toilet and library facility at all.

Now our plan is to start building new class rooms in stages as we get funds for the construction. Our funds come from selling coffee to coffee drinkers with a cause.