What We Do

Coffeeprint4Change works with the coffee farming community to alleviate poverty and ensure sustainable growth within the community. We help students, youth in job creation and other developmental activities.

Why We Do it

It is well known fact that coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. It generates billions of dollars in the industry, but on the other hand the farmers, who do most of the hard work, are not reaping fairly from the benefit of this industry. Coffeeprint4Change wants to create awareness and promote sustainable coffee supply chain with transparent and ethical sourcing by directly connecting the producers and final consumer.

How We Do It

Coffeeprint4Change is founded by people who have passion about great coffee and change in farmers lives. Coffeeprint4Change works together with Impact Roasters based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The profits obtained by selling coffee will be used in various development activities through local communities. All of the activities will be run by the locals who have experience in the areas of activities. If skill development trainings are needed, the locals get training on the necessary area of activity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support coffee farmers, families and groups across coffee growing regions in South Ethiopia through developmental activities, empowering them to take a lead and fight against poverty.

Our Vision

Coffeeprint4Change envisions a society where coffee farmers are active, prosperous, empowered and make better use of available resources for a sustainable future.

Our Core Objectives

  • To link coffee lovers and coffee farmers
  • Create awareness of ethical sourcing and transparency in coffee business
  • To encourage children education and youth development
  • Encouraging the youth in becoming entrepreneurs and training them on how to generate income by themselves
  • Supporting the Global Goals mission